Coordinators and Volunteers are needed in each of these areas:

1. Voter Registration and Information Tables at Churches
-- Register voters
-- Have mail-in and absentee ballot applications
-- Help voters find their: Precinct, Poll location, Sample ballot, Information on their candidates

2. Vetting Candidates
-- Develop litmus test questions
-- Advise Committee folks

3. Campaigning for Endorsed Candidates
-- Signs
-- Door to door
-- Mailers
-- At polls

4. Get Out the Vote
-- Improve voter confidence- Communicate to voters that we are aware of election irregularities and are being proactive to promote election integrity.
-- Contact voters with mail-in ballots that have not been returned
-- Rides to polls
-- Impact 10: Share Political Insights with 10 Friends and Family
-- Email, text, social media blurbs, develop templates

5. Mail-In Ballot Integrity
-- Train volunteers re: mail-in ballot laws and give them confidence and authority to address irregularities when they see them
-- Have lawyers and/or law enforcement available to address irregularities in real time
-- Schedule volunteers to watch drop boxes and voter services locations whenever these locations are receiving ballots- either in person or camera feeds
-- Escort the drop boxes/contents when they are collected for chain of custody security
-- Monitor storage location(s) of mail-in ballots
-- Participate in and observe the mail-in ballot counting process

6. Poll Worker/Watcher
-- Recruit and train clerks
-- Recruit and train watchers- focus on polls known to have integrity issues
-- Recruit people to run for Judge of Election, majority inspector and minority inspector positions

7. Ballot Counting
-- Recruit and train counters and observers for the pre-canvass, canvass and ballot adjudication phases

8. Voter Services Liaison
-- Establish a relationship with county voter services
-- Be visible and helpful but also hold accountable

9. County Election Board Lobbyist
-- Pressure on County Commissioners to keep election integrity at the forefront
-- Attend County Commissioner meetings and present on election integrity issues as possible
-- Picket in front of their offices when they are there
-- Media- op eds re: election issues
-- Email and calls to their offices

10. Prayer Team
-- With prayer all things are possible.